The Fraga Family

            When I got to New York I briefly documented the lives of many Galician families there, a the  same  the time I was looking  for a project  to document more widely during the year.


                Photographed life in the Bronx, street parties, the subway, and it was not until I visited at least a couple of times the Fragas I realized that my big project was going to be about them.


               The Fraga Family is a story about the world, is a project on migration and adaptation to another country over decades.


               When “walked” home of Fraga,  an apartment of about sixty square meters, I found living there three generations of three different nationalities.


              Grandpa Carlos, Galician who had emigrated to Cuba in 1925;  his Cuban daughter  Maria;  Maria’s husband and cousin at once, Pepe,  Galician also, who had lived as a singer  in France and Cuba as well, and the two sons of these, Richie and José, Americans hundred percent .


           I lived with The Fraga Family three days a week for eight months, shooting the privacy of their lives. I witnessed daily moments of their own and important events  as when Joseph Fraga, 27 and barely Spanish speaking, an important lawyer in a Manhattan Buffet, could finally moved out after paying the credit of his college career.



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